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Street art is an amazing lens through which to look at larger issues and get a sense for what young, motivated people are thinking about.

The Filipino Street Art Project is part film, part multimedia art, part community engagement, and a whole lot of creativity.

We are trying to tap into the creative and sometimes politically-charged art that finds its way onto city walls, subway stops and abandoned buildings. By examining this movement, we ask why is street art taking off around the world, and especially in developing countries? Why do artists continue their work on the street when they have traditional, paying careers? Why and how do street art scenes evolve, and is that okay?

Thanks for visiting our site. Like the art we are showcasing, this project is growing and evolving each day. Please check back often to see more profiles of Filipino street artists and their work, find updates on the film and project, or drop us a line and let us know what you think of the project. We want to stir the pot, bring people from around the world together, and explore the universality of street art … and we need your help to do that.